WBON Lorain hosts Networking Baby Shower

WBON Lorain Hosted a Baby Shower for Member, Theresa Riddell at Cork & Stubby's  in Amherst on Thursday, 2 May 2013.  The decoy? A WBON Lorain networking meeting. Theresa had NO CLUE! Our speaker for the evening, Pat West of River Tree. Sharing how to design a FAMILY PAGE website for announcing baby's arrival (yes, this was rigged) - complete with baby shower balloons, Tupperware Toys, 30-second commercials etc.  Guess we as a group proved a point, women CAN keep secrets!

Update: WBON Lorain learned yesterday, Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 via Grandma, another WBON Member, Cheryl Yagielo - It's a boy! Trey Riddell. Momma and Baby are doing fine and adjusting to each
others schedules.
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