FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does a WBON LORAIN membership cost?

A: It’s F – R – E – E!

Q: What is our motto?

A: It’s not who you know, it’s who knows You!

Q: When was WBON Lorain formed?

A: While our group was formed in Lorain County, Ohio in 2001 – attendees, guests, members (all volunteer based), and speakers come from the counties that
surround it. Who’s missing? You are! Come join us!
Q: When does the WBON LORAIN meet?

A: As of July 2017, we will meet the 3rd Thursday each month, except in December. In previous years we met the 1st & 3rd Thursdays each month; except in January, July, September & December. Our members attend different business networking groups. It's very important to RSVP: Debra James 440.989.2570 or Karen Cheshire 440.986.3200! Or, notify when unable to attend.

Q: Where does WBON LORAIN meet?

A: Different local restaurants or businesses that have separate areas of groups. Locations are subject to change at the last minute - thus is reason we ask for an RSVP. Example: Perkins in Avon, Wood n Wine, Avon, Martino’s in Vermilion, Wild Mango in Oberlin, A Beau Monde Salon in Amherst, C & C Sales & Services in Oberlin, etc.

Q: What are the requirements for WBON LORAIN Membership?

A: Attend and RSVP monthly meetings (at least 2 per quarter to receive the benefits), willingness to create referrals from within the group, an open spirit of participation sharing (volunteerism), prepare to deliver a 30-second commercial of your business & bring at least 30 business cards to share.

Q: What are the benefits of being a part of WBON LORAIN?

A: Limitless connections within the county, referrals from KNOWN sources within the group, speaker presentations on a variety of subject matter, chance to improve your own public image, shared knowledge of our women in business for themselves , Receive communications from members on all areas of interest, safe and trusted environment to raise questions, Learn from other's life experiences, Broaden your base of professional partners, Grow your business &
lifelong friendships that mean everything!

Q: How do I know if the WBON LORAIN is for me?

A: Are you thinking about starting a business? Do you have a business you do on the side? Looking for a networking group? Are you trying to grow your business? Then, the local WBON is for you! Example: Are you a Lady Crafter who does your "marketing" at the local craft shows? You're a woman business owner!

Q: What should I bring with me to a WBON LORAIN meeting?

A: Yourself, money to order off the restaurant menu & participate in the 50/50 drawing, business cards to share, any promotional material to share, prepare a 30-second commercial (elevator speech – what is your makes your business unique!) of you and your business brand.

Q: What is the 50/50 drawing?

A: The 50/50 drawing (optional participation) is something FUN we do to offset miscellaneous expenses. Remember, the local WBON has NO YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES. We refer to the 50/50 drawing as our "petty cash" fund. This pays for our speaker's dinner at the meeting, a "deposit" for conference meeting room or pavilion, business cards, public relations materials, or most important - we have a website and the funds help to pay for the website domain registration, etc. Some of our members, when they win, donate the funds they won to on of the charities we provide collections for.

Q: What is a 30-second commercial?

A: Picture yourself (a business owner) riding in an elevator and you have a "chance" meeting with the CEO of a company you would like to have as a client.

What would you say? You may have only 30-seconds to introduce yourself - your name, your title, what you do, and the name of you business. What's your tag line? Think of something catchy - you want them to remember you! If you're lucky, the CEO may ask you for your business card as he/she gets off the elevator.

Q: What is a WBON Business Spotlight?

A: Think of it as your 15-minutes of FAME. It's where one of our WBON members shares something about HER herself, her hobbies (she may have something in common with another member), her business, and any special promotions.

Q: Does WBON LORAIN do social media?

A: Yes we do! Website: (http://www.wbonlorain.org). Like us on Facebook (@WBONLorain) & LinkedIn (WBONLorain)

Q: Can I find you on my wireless device or smart phone?

A: Yes, you can.
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